Applied Energetics

"Innovative Ultrafast Lasers and Particle Beam Systems"

Wild Cat Micro Machining Demonstration

The material used in this video was 100 µm thick steel shim stock. The cut was 2mm on a side. During the micro-machining you will see a yellow glow around the cut, this glow is ablated nano-powder.

System Performance:

  • Gain media: Yb:YAG Thin Disk, 1031nm center wevelength
  • High Output Power: > 100W (1W input at 30MHz, gain = 100, non-CPA operation)
  • High Pulse Energy Gain: > 40,000 (400 µJ/pulse at 10 nJ/pulse input at 1kHz)
  • Compressed Pulse Width: < 1.0ps
  • Wavelength: 1025 to 1050 nm
  • Rep rate: 30 to 40 MHz
  • Pulse width: 350 fs minimum
  • Power average: ≥1 W
  • Mode: Gaussian, M² < 1.5

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