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Applied Energetics Announces New Ultrashort Pulse Laser Product Line

TUCSON, Arizona — September 15, 2011 — Applied Energetics, Inc., (NASDAQ:AERG) today announced the launch of its latest ultrashort pulse (USP) laser product line. USP lasers, also known as femtosecond lasers or ultrafast lasers, emit extremely rapid pulses of light at very high peak power and are capable of ablating virtually any material with high precision and no heat. This USP laser will be marketed by Applied Energetics (AE) as "The Wildcat" product line of commercial lasers.

The Company will initially target the micromachining industry and applications. The USP laser’s high-energy photons are able to directly break molecular bonds in materials, resulting in direct (“cold”) material removal known as ablation. These effects lead to cleaner, faster, more precise micromachining processes. USP lasers, unlike conventional lasers, can process hardened steels, semiconductors, ceramics, quartz, sapphire, diamond, polymers, and other difficult-to-machine materials without the thermal damage caused by slower pulsed lasers.

Applied Energetics cites several key advantages for its new product line: (1) Higher Performance than competitors means customers can get their work done faster; (2) Product Versatility allows customers to adjust pulse length, repetition rate, harmonics, and pulse modulation; (3) AE has years of experience building rugged military lasers for the U.S. Army, and Navy resulting in commercial systems that are able to cope with factory conditions; and, (4) ) Made in the USA means faster service - most USP lasers are currently manufactured by European companies.

Joseph Hayden, President of AE, commented, "Ultrashort pulse lasers have unique capabilities, enabling applications that simply cannot be done with other industrial lasers. The USP laser is an emerging technology which is growing for markets such as microelectronics, automotive, biotech, telecommunications, and medical device manufacturing. Our goal with this product line was to produce a rugged, compact, reliable, and easy-to-use USP laser system."

Potential customers can learn more about AE’s USP laser systems and reserve the USPL Applications Center today by calling AE Sales at (520) 261-7213 or emailing Visit our Application Center Webpage for more details and specifications.

About Applied Energetics, Inc.

Applied Energetics develops and manufactures applied energy systems for military and commercial applications. Through our efforts in developing our core technology, Laser Guided Energy ("LGE"), we have gained expertise and proprietary knowledge in high performance lasers, high-voltage electronics, advanced dynamic optics and atmospheric and plasma interactions. We apply these technologies to deliver innovative solutions to urgent military requirements, including neutralizing improvised explosive devices ("IEDs") and other high priority missions of U.S. and allied military forces. We have developed an effective and robust counter-IED ("C-IED") technology as a result of our research and development. Additionally, we develop and manufacture high voltage and ultra-short pulse ("USP") laser products for government and commercial customers for a wide range of applications. For more information about Applied Energetics, please visit

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