Applied Energetics

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Marx Generators

Applied Energetics' Marx generators have been designed to address high-voltage, high-current pulsed loads for demanding applications. Our designs represent an advance in Marx bank generators with a number of distinctive features such as the ability to generate "flat top" pulses at rep rate using our unique PFN designs.

Features of our Marx bank generators are:

  • Compact, integral, rugged power supplies
  • Air-core, resonant transformer technology
  • Gas and oil insulated
  • Spark gap switched
  • Fiber optic, high isolation, trigger control

The output voltage of delivered units ranges from 50 kV to 1.5 MV in both conventional and Marx PFN configurations. Systems can have computer controls capable for a variety of functions or can have simple manual controls. We also offer IGBT based solid-state pulse generators.

The applications include:

  • high power microwave
  • X-ray sources
  • lightning simulators
  • EMP generators
  • high energy physics studies

Please contact us with your requirements or application and we will gladly quote a Marx generator to meet your specifications.