Applied Energetics

"Innovative Ultrafast Lasers and Particle Beam Systems"

High Voltage Products and Services

Applied Energetics, Inc acquired North Star Research in 2004 and continues that tradition of delivering innovative high voltage technology. We provide our clients with the most advanced high quality, high voltage products available under the "Applied Energetics High Voltage" name. Our high voltage designs are extremely robust: capable of withstanding severe load transients and faults that would otherwise destroy most HV equipment

Our high voltage product line includes:

  • The unique Nested High Voltage Generator (NHVG), available in various configurations:
  • Electron beam accelerator systems
  • Ion beam accelerator systems
  • High voltage DC power supply

We also offer a full range of high voltage engineering services to ensure a customer’s project fulfills safety, environmental, and application requirements. These include:

  • Design & Development Studies
  • Installation Services
  • Product Evaluation, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Training

For appropriate state-of-the-art high voltage probes, please visit North Star High Voltage

Please contact us for more information or for an estimate on your project.