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Wild Cat Micro Machining Demonstration

The material used in this video was 100 µm thick steel shim stock. The cut was 2mm on a side. During the micro-machining you will see a yellow glow around the cut, this glow is ablated nano-powder.

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Wild Cat Laser System

Applied Energetics Wild Cat Laser product line are ultrashort pulse (USP) laser systems that cover the pulse energy “spectrum” from nanojoules to over 1 mJ! Our Wild Cat Lasers are uniquely suited to deliver the pulse energy intensities required for demanding applications such as:

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Applied Energetics and Laser Light Technologies Announce Micromachining Partnership

TUCSON, Ariz. — October 13, 2011-- Applied Energetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: AERG), and Laser Light Technologies, Inc., today announced that they have entered into a Cooperative Work Agreement to jointly develop ultrashort pulse lasers and processes for the laser micromachining market.

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