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Electron Beam Accelerator

Applied Energetics’ state-of-the-art Applications Center offers our compact Electron Beam Accelerator System based on our NHVG technology for a wide variety of processing. Our center’s 800keV e-beam system enables numerous radio-chemistry applications with the ability to prove out new processes with reduced risk, short project schedules, and defining operation parameters beneficial in the following areas:

  • Plastic Cross-Linking
  • Curing of composites, adhesives, and ink
  • Sterilization of disposable medical supplies, food and drink packaging
  • Pollution reduction of toxic substances
  • X-Ray Inspection for quality control and cargo
  • Electron Beam Research

The E-beam system is very flexible and features the following capability:

  • 800keV NHVG accelerator
  • Up to 15kW output power
  • Electron scanning or non-scanning operation
  • Material handling for processing demonstrations
  • Full instrumentation for documentation of system performance
  • Adaptable for ion beam operation

The NHVG electron beam system provides customers with capabilities and features that offer value and performance advantages to our customers. This technology is a significant reduction in system size which reduces the requirements for plant floor space, support equipment, and reduced shielded vault requirements. This compact, inexpensive system has the advantage of solid-state drive with solid and environmentally safe oil insulation eliminating the need for high pressure gases.

Benefits of NHVG e-beam processing are:

  • Instant cross-linking and cure times
  • Instant off capability limits exposure
  • In-line processing with scanner and material-handling equipment
  • Small system footprint.
  • No SF6 gas or hazardous chemicals

The Application Center e-beam accelerator is a flexible tool to enable our customers to prove and develop new processes. Contact us to prove the benefits of e-beam processing for your application.

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