Applied Energetics

"Innovative Ultrafast Lasers and Particle Beam Systems"

Applications Center

Applied Energetics has built a state-of-the-art Applications Center containing an Electron Beam Accelerator System based on our NHVG technology, an Ultra Short Pulse Laser system (USPL), and a Visitor’s Center conference room. The dedicated facility will allow customers to view our products in operation and to contract for production demonstrations for processing materials for a wide variety of customer proprietary applications. Our Electron Beam Systems and Ultra Short Pulse Laser Systems provide customers with capabilities and features that offer significant value or performance advantages. Visit the Applications Center page for the product that meets your requirements.

The Commercial Applications Center features the following products:

Electron Beam Accelerator Powered by NHVG Technology

This is an extremely compact and inexpensive accelerator that can be utilized for in-line processing as a complete solution. The Electron Beam Applications Center System includes the accelerator, electron beam scanner, and material-handling equipment to provide a complete industrial system. The NHVG e-beam can be applied to plastic cross-linking, curing of composites and adhesives, sterilization of disposable medical supplies, food and drink packaging, treating air and water-borne pollution, X-Ray inspection of cargo, vehicles, material integrity and quality control inspection, electron beam research, and ion accelerator implantation for semiconductors.

Ultra Short Pulse Laser (USPL)

The USPL is uniquely suited to deliver the pulse energy intensities required for demanding applications such as micromachining, materials processing, solar cell scribing, and time-resolved spectroscopy. The Applications Center contains multiple workstations for demonstrating a variety of laser material processes. Our laser system can be configured for a variety of outputs so that customers can determine what parameters best suit their processing needs.

The Commercial Applications Center is designed to be a flexible tool which will help our customers develop unique and creative new e-beam and laser processes.