Applied Energetics

"Innovative Ultrafast Lasers and Particle Beam Systems"

About Us

Global Impact

As a pioneer in photonics and high-voltage energetics, Applied Energetics continually advances the state-of-the-art, crafting a wide range of innovative solutions and custom-build deliverables across a broad range of applications, from global chemical conglomerates to every branch of the U.S. Military.

"Applied Energetics" describes precisely what we do:

  • Applied -- put to practical use
  • Energetics -- the study of energy flows and storage under transformation

Broad Portfolio of Technologies in Growing Demand

AE continues to reinforce our leadership by forging unique expertise and competitive advantages in the following core capabilities:

  • Custom-built Ultrashort Pulse Laser systems that push back the technological frontier by an order of magnitude
  • Capable of high average power and high peak power
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced total cost
  • Solid state high voltage and charged particle acceleration systems that fulfill unique requirements and continually advance the state-of-the-art
  • Excellent fault tolerance under a variety of conditions
  • Uniquely variable pulse generation capability
  • Very small size

Organizational Expertise

Applied Energetics prides itself in its rapid response to customers’ requirements, providing innovative and sound solutions. Our proven capabilities include:

  • Requirements definition
  • Dedicated test facility with lasers, high voltage power supplies, instrumentation and data collection
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Field testing and support
  • System development
  • Lasers and High Voltage supplies
  • System implementation

Tell us your needs and specifications to discover what we can do for you.